547 Stout  - ABV 5.6% 

A year round stout.  547 is brewed with chocolate malts giving it slight chocolate and coffee notes.

Harry's Coffee Pale Ale  - ABV 5.2% 

We are fortunate to be located next door to Harry and Beans Organic Coffee Roasters.  We started with our Foundation Rye Pale Ale and worked with Harry to pick a Honduran coffee that rounds out the rye.  A truly unique beer.

Foundation Rye Pale Ale  - ABV 5.2% 

Our Foundation Rye Pale brings out the best in a rye beer.  Dry and slightly astringent this beer finishes clean and crisp. 

East Koast Kolsch  - ABV 4.8% 

Our take on a traditional Koln beer.  Brewed the way it was meant to be.  Slightly pilsner-”y” this beer will delight both the craft and non-craft beer lover alike. 

Sinners DIPA  - ABV 8.4% 

Our Double IPA shows off what’s possible in a balanced DIPA.  Brewed with Caramel malts, this malt forward IPA is balanced with dry hopped cascade and summit. 

Copper Hat IPA - ABV 7.2% 

Our West Coast IPA is bittered with Nugget hops and dry hopped with Chinook and CTZ hops. Slightly piney and earthy, Copper Hat definitely  shows the difference between the coasts. 

Saints Session IPA - ABV 4.2% 

Our session IPA is the perfect knock down a few beer.  Pale and clean, dry hopped with cascade and centennial.  It will leave you knowing it’s all IPA while having a low ABV.  

Year Round Brews:

Fish Alley Ale - ABV 7.0% 

Our New England style IPA has front end citrus notes, and low bitterness (41 IBU) masking a 7% ABV.

Proud member of New Jersey's
Garden State Craft Brewers Guild