If I had more time I would have come up with a cool symbol (ala Prince) but we've got business to take care of.  A.C. and the guys at Lamplighter have given us permission to use this name until you rename Lamplight.  We have until October 15th to come up with a kick ass moniker.  Info on a prize coming soon.  (I wanted to give away a kegerator but the guys thought I was crazy) Fill out the form below or better yet, come to the tasting room and "show us what you've got"!!!

I know, I know, it's the perfect name.

Trust me, I love the name and from day one believed it really summed up the beer that seemed to emanate light from it's hazy depths.  But alas!  There does seem to be some confusion in the customers' mind.  The kind folks at Lamplighter Brewery reached out and have asked us if we'd please stop using the name.  I hadn't heard of Lamplighter Brewery but have had enough people mention our beer with their name that I did believe they had a point. So we thought we'd have a little fun.

Lamplighter is now registered with the State of New Jersey As:

The Beer Formerly Known As Lamplight!