Being a new, fledgling business, it's been surprising how many requests we receive for donations.  As a new business we can not even begin to say yes to them all.  To help facilitate requests please take a moment to fill out the form below, read through our general policies and we look forward to helping our community in ways that we can.


Everyone at Ludlam Island Brewery

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General Guidelines for Donation Requests:

  • Because we are an alcohol company we tend to shy away from kid centric charities or events.
  • We do not donate beer.  For anything.  Ever.  Please do not ask.
  • We make decisions on which events to sponsor once a month.  Please try and have your requests submitted by the 30th of the month preceding your event.
  • We will try and sponsor local activities first.
  • If you are asking for a donation in lieu of ad space please allow extra time for generation of art.
  • If you are a registered 509 charity please list your registration number and a link to websites that pertain.
  • Email any flyers or media.